Philosophy or nothing: my declaration of intentions

Over time I realized that thinking is built personally and with an effort of reading and writing. Those two things build my thinking. From reading I take a lot of the stimuli that later give rise to my writing. The exercise of writing about, as I say, the important things in life involves a mental effort, whose objective is none other than orientation in this inhospitable world in which we live. I commented, below, the two main reasons why I write this blog.

Thought as a hyperlink

Total thinking does not have watertight departments. Any division is something methodologically useful, but to understand reality we must have a mind as open as possible. The thought enclosed in disciplines causes the loss of infinity of creative and productive mental connections. Borders have to be removed, knocked down, transferred. Not only is there high-level thinking in the philosophers that the philosophical tradition has enshrined as important. The official history of philosophy belittles many wonderful thinkers (in this the women take the cake). Thus, the best are misunderstood or silenced. This blog will give diffusion to the work and to the ideas of those marginalized or marginal philosophers, little commented. And in many cases unknown by the general public. And also, and this is surprising, by students and professionals in philosophy.

But not only comes the thought of those called and labeled as «philosophers». How many writers with their works say literary say things deeper than much official philosopher. How many painters (or artists in general) write besides talking with their works.

Towards a philosophy of connections

The philosophy enclosed in its discipline does not work. The system that traditional philosophy strives to close is a black hole in which we can only get lost. There is no possible closure of any system. All closure is (in) false. The philosophy is opening. Thought can not be fragmented. It is total. Despite the existence of different disciplines, the potentiality of thinking is triggered by the connections established between philosophy, literature and art in all its forms. That global thought very few have it, although many scholars abound.

That’s why this blog is called another philosophy, because it defends a philosophy whose praxis supposes the interconnection with all other knowledge. Not a philosophy of domination and closure.

Consumer society

In this fast-paced world we live in, it does not take thinking, there’s no time for that. That’s how it goes. You already know that what is not exercised is lost, forgotten. In this capitalist society, fast, use and throw, there is too much action but little head. The thought is in extinction. To resist that trend I write this blog. In a certain way, thanks to the thought work that it supposes for me, I am still a being that thinks, I am still free.

Philosophy is constructed, written, read. Understanding philosophy in its practical dimension, as praxis, life is linked to this activity. It is not something abstract that we do in a disconnected way of what we are and what we do.

And here we have the second reason for the name of this blog, another philosophy, a way of philosophizing connected with reality and that raises a resistance to the instrumentalization of man as a subject of production and consumption. This is, a substratum to live differently in the world today. Another philosophy of life, less brainless.